About the Ryerson Musical Theatre Company

Ryerson Musical Theatre Company (RMTC) is an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of those in and around the Ryerson community through musical theatre. RMTC gives students in all programs the opportunity to take part in an extracurricular musical production each year as we strive to connect students from all areas of study who have a passion and commitment to theatre.

Our Choreographer’s Thoughts

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with such positive individuals who put 110% into everything they do! It’s each and every person in RMTC that makes it such a collaborative and creative powerhouse…read more

Thoughts From Our Director

Having the chance to work on a project on a scale as big as RMTC is remarkable. Being given the opportunity to learn and grow in a student group setting allows for some unique challenges…read more

A Word From Our Founder

I am always fascinated by how quickly an idea can grow. One small thought of bringing musical theatre to Ryerson blossomed into a powerful student group on campus…read more