Our Inception

September 2014

The idea of a student run musical theatre company was conceived by Robyn Hoja (Founder). She then went on to discuss the idea with friends and students; generating interest.

November 2014

The first official RMTC idea meeting was held with eight students from the following programs: Creative Industries, Arts & Contemporary Studies, Business Management, and Performance Acting.

Founding Students: Robyn Hoja, Emily Skublics, Colleen Filson, Tavia Bakowski, Rachel Boere, Mattie Driscoll, Justin Van Lieshout, Steven Solarz

December 2014

The idea of the Ryerson Musical Theatre Company was successfully pitched to the Ryerson Communication and Design Society (RCDS) and was granted student group standing and first official funding.

January 2015

The official RMTC Facebook page was launched and began to garner interest among the students at Ryerson.

Robyn Hoja

A Year of Firsts

February 2015

Attained the rights to Thoroughly Modern Millie and the contract for The Betty Oliphant was signed.

March – November 2015

  • Hired our first production team for Thoroughly Modern Millie
  • First auditions held for Thoroughly Modern Millie
  • First cast announced
  • First rehearsal held
  • First orchestra selected

February 24-27 2016

First musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie performed by RMTC at the Betty Oliphant Theatre. Four performances in total; two sold out performances and two performances at 80% capacity.

February 28 2016

First Annual General Meeting (AGM) held for members of RMTC to give feedback in the interest of improvement for the student group and its leadership.

Keeping The Momentum

March 2016

  • First official executives hired for the new musical
  • First director hiring / pitches held
  • Second musical The Drowsy Chaperone announced
  • Hired production team (including many new positions via feedback from the AGM)

April 2016

Signed contract for the Daniels Spectrum Theatre.

September 2016

Auditions held for Drowsy Chaperone cast, orchestra, and interviews for crew.

October 2016

Started the first series of “Movie Musical Mondays” as an events campaign in our continued effort to further reach students.

Febuary 2017

Loaded into the Daniels Spectrum Theatre to begin our technical and dress rehearsals in a new venue.

March 2017

  • The Drowsy Chaperone performed by RMTC
  • Second ever Annual General Meeting held at The Imperial
  • First official RMTC GALA event held to celebrate and appreciate the hard work and dedication of all company members.

The Present

April 2017

New executive team hired; many new positions added and expanded upon to reflect our year and need for growth.

Third musical Into The Woods announced!

RMTC is on course to continue to grow and bring musical theatre into the lives of Ryerson students and the community at large!